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Our Purpose
To ensure high value health care, satisfied patients and positive outcomes at affordable cost.
About Us

The Physician Hospital Organization is a regional health care delivery organization formed in 1993 by Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. The PHO was developed to provide physicians and hospitals with leadership in meeting the challenges of managed care.

Through the successful collaboration of physicians and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System, the PHO serves local businesses and communities by managing the delivery of health care in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Current Board of Directors
Officers Physician Directors Hospital Directors
D. Scott Featherman, MD - Chairman
William Woeltjen, CFO - Vice-Chairman
Mark Brus, MD - Secretary
Diane Settle, VP - Treasurer
Frank E. Burns, MD - President & Medical Director
Brian Angsten, MD
Roger Shea, MD
John Steele, MD
David Sugar, MD
Hugh Windom, MD
Richard Yonker, MD
James Fiorica, MD
Lorrie Liang, COO
Benefits of Membership

We currently have over 700 members, find out some of the reasons why you should join us
PHO Staff

News and Events
Important Messages from the SMH PHO
Board of Directors Meeting Schedule
Office Managers Meeting Schedule
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